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workingHas your aluminum, zinc or zinc alloy parts production been kicked to the curb because your die caster’s doors have closed? Or the owner has aged-out and doesn’t want to deal with the profit squeeze anymore? Or your die casting tools manufacturer has acquired enough of the little-guys’ businesses that they now tell you that they are “too big” to run your tool on their equipment?

To add to your frustrations, you now have a functioning tool that you paid big money for that none of the die cast companies you’ve talked to say they will use. Everyone claims you need to build a new one. And while you wait for that new tool, your parts production grinds to a halt.
But you have another option.

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Shawnee Specialties can use your existing die cast tool to make your zinc, aluminum or zinc alloy components.

With more than 45 years of precision die casting experience producing complex small parts, Shawnee Specialties can provide the solution you want right now. We can put your existing tool back to work producing aluminum, zinc or zinc alloy die casting parts for your appliance, automotive, automation, fluid transfer, electrical or military applications.

  • Typically, we can take over your die cast tool and have your parts running in two to six weeks, half the time it would take to make a new tool and get it producing parts.
  • Shawnee Specialties is your one-stop-shop for die casting services. We provide CNC machining, mechanical and thermal deburring, assembly, inline product testing and regular preventive maintenance on your tool. That way you can continue to get the most value from your investment.
  • If your project demands precision, our state-of-the-art technology and systems align with your stringent OEM specifications.
  • Innovative laser inspection systems provide 100 percent inspection of your internally threaded products. We deliver quality consistency on high-volume runs that is tough to find elsewhere.
  • Our ISO 9001; 2015 edition and ITAR certification validate our commitment to quality.
  • World-class ppm rates of under 50 ppm ensure you get supply chain stability and production efficiency. The right part is delivered on time all of the time.
  • Lean manufacturing processes reduce costs, savings we reflect on your invoices.

Getting your existing tool back up and running starts here.

Send us your RFQ below and let’s talk about how you can keep using your tool, keep running your parts, keep quality on spec and your delivery on time. And whenever you have a new opportunity, Shawnee Specialties is renowned in the die casting industry for its parts design and finding the most economical way to produce it. We are always here for you.


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